Smoke Bomb, Sunset, Forest Fire

Forest fire

Despite the car chase, the teens laughed. 

They shared smartphone footage of sparks and colored smoke, bright against the tree-lined canyon, in 30-second stories.

They didn’t know the flames about to crown treetops and scour every leaf, branch and hiding place on the river, leaving avalanches of ash. 

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Smoke Bomb, Sunset, Forest Fire

  1. Oh, I recognize this story. It sounds like fiction, and is not. The details you included were great and lended some strong authenticity to the piece. I would have liked if you could have brought it back to the kids in the end – that would have made it feel a little more complete.

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    1. Thanks! I realized afterward that maybe it isn’t fiction (though my details are largely made up). Not sure it was the best choice for me. I did feel it just ended and not in a satisfying way, but word count!


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