September means shelter

The bullies swaggered in. Hidden, Lon watched, retaped his sneakers, and thought.  School meant free meals, and something to sit on. Lon would pay with new bruises from the bullies, bathroom stalls and blacktop, the shame of D’s and F’s. It was all Lon knew, so he entered, too. Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

I Don’t

The bouquet bit Tina’s palms; the sun burned through her veil. At the altar, she remembered the lipstick stain and unfamiliar phone number, discovered in last week’s laundry. “I do,” he said, too lightly. Her mother swooned at her reply. Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

A Fresh Take

In my defense, it was a brilliant idea at the time. The old corner store was ready for the wrecking ball, but I looked past the scuffed checkerboard linoleum, ancient green cash register and decades of old convenience store displays.  In my imagination I peeled the large butcher paper signs from the plate glass windows, … Continue reading A Fresh Take

A Lost Art

Celine always shot from the hip, her camera securely strapped to her wrist. The park was sunny and filled with interesting bodies and faces, swinging, interacting, oblivious. “Don’t take my picture!” a woman suddenly screamed, pulling her small children behind her.  Celine’s heart stopped, then raced. She hadn’t been taking a picture of that family, … Continue reading A Lost Art